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Dinnington Days Gone ByThe Society was formed twelve years ago by like minded people who wished to encourage an interest in our local history.

Dinnington and its surrounding areas has a fascinating tapestry of many layers including its people and events that go back many thousands of years to the present.

A small group banded together and formed the Society which has changed through the years but its aims and work are still the same.

The Society’s committee works very hard producing books; CDs and DVDs; photographs; family history tracing; visits and guided tours of local places of interest.

Each month we have a speaker which are varied and cover large screen presentations and also interesting lectures on historical and local subjects. We also do presentations for other Societies. Although we are a small band of enthusiasts we do like to encourage like minded people to join the Society and help it progress.

Books; DVDs; CDs; etc are all available to purchase please go back to the Home Page and click on the links.
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